The Networks Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Today we review The Networks, from the unassumingly awesome mind of Gil Hova (Bad Medicine, Battle Merchants), and in doing so, we have to ask some questions: You know that cliché about nothing good ever being on TV? Did you ever stop and wonder why? Ever wish you were one of those network execs who could, you know, do something about it? Well, Formal Ferret Games has something on Kickstarter that you will definitely want to see. Andrew: I mean, look at these shows! 'Litterbox Training Hour'? 'Grilling With Milk'? 'Let's Pickle!'?!? Seriously, what the hell happened to TV? Jess: Someone needs to do something about this… I won't make the obvious 'Don't touch that dial!' joke, I swear. Just a small sample of the quality programming you'll be developing. (Kickstarter Prototype Notice: Gil gave us this pre-production copy for review. From the Kickstarter, you can already see that most of the bits are getting a nice upgrade, and that the art, missing here, is awesome.) Up on