Cthulhu Realms Review | Gameosity
To close out our month of Augusthulhu, we are reviewing Cthulhu Realms, a deck-building game about mysterious cults, sanity-shattering artifacts, eldritch locations, and some rather hilarious art. Designed by Darwin Kastle, Cthulhu Realms is sort of an oddity. Emerging from the primordial darkness just in time for Gencon this year, this small-box deckbuilder, published by Tasty Minstrel Games (Harbour, Eminent Domain, other awesome stuff), may at first appear to be a re-theme of Star Realms. Indeed, the comparisons are obvious and necessary – Darwin 'Awesome First Name' Kastle also designed Star Realms, so there can be no accusations of forgery. However, is Cthlulhu Realms anything more than just a (very well illustrated) reskin? Jess: Well, yes and no, I guess. Andrew: How can something be both true and untrue? MADNESS! More like Beyond The Star Realms, am I right? Haha, up top! Just me? Ha...Ok, I'll see myself out. Last year, Star Realms absolutely supernova'd (that's a word