Kickstarters We're Backing – 6/1/2015 | Gameosity
Andrew: Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to try something different. I have been an enthusiastic backer of a load of Kickstarters over the course of the last few years - probably more than I should have, finances considering. But not all Kickstarters are created equally, and I have backed the occasional lemon. Still, even though I know it's a gamble, I still find myself clicking that 'Back this Project" button. So this is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series, where we will share the projects we are backing and why. Hopefully, we will help expose some gems that might not be getting the attention they need (and maybe help us all hit those stretch goals we all covet). So come join me as we talk theoretical games (that's games which haven't been made yet, not games centered around 'theory' as a theme...which would be cool. How would that even work, though?)! This week, polyhedral warriors and the birth of a solar system! Dungeon Dice: COLOSSEUM By: Potluck Games -FUNDED-