Dead of Winter Review | Gameosity
Today Gameosity is trying its best to make it through the harshest of months in the harshest of situations with Dead of Winter. This zombie game that's not about zombies, from designers Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour, and publisher Plaid Hat Games, really pushes the theme of a desperate struggle for survival after society has had the flesh stripped from its bones (literally). But is it any-no, wait, forget that. No cliffhangers. It's awesome and you should totally get it. Allow us to explain why. You can tell it's a good zombie game because there aren't any zombies on the cover. Zombie games, zombie movies - pretty much anything with zombies in it is enough to elicit an eye roll or two these days. Even from people who generally don't mind zombies. There are just too many of them. Heck, even people talking about how zombie stuff is overdone is, itself, overdone. Right, well, anyway, it takes something truly special for a zombie-related thing of any sort to really stick out anymore.