Ultraball | GameChops | Video Game Remixes
Ultraball is available now! Ultraball is a 15 track Pokémon remix album directed by Dj CUTMAN, featuring remixes across four generations of the Pokémon franchise, including Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Diamond & Pearl, and Sun & Moon. Ultraball includes brand new tracks from an international cast of music producers. The album also hosts exclusive remastered songs from YouTube superstars GlitchxCity, CG5, and VGR. Styles range from the emotive futurebass remix of Sun & Moon's "Vast Poni Canyon," to a deep house reimagination of "Team Rocket Hideout" from the original Pokémon Red & Blue. Ultraball continues with an unapologetic trap remix of the cult classic Pokémon Trading Card Game, to the chiptune / electro house hybrid of "Azalea," from Pokémon Gold and Silver. That may seem like a lot to handle, but the sequence of the album makes it all feel continuous, making Ultraball's sound as diverse and exciting as playing a Pokémon game. Album director Dj CUTMAN