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Spindash 3 is available now! Spindash 3 is here ~ Twenty new Sonic the Hedgehog remixes, covers, and themes from throughout Sonic's amazing series! An international cast of remixers and musicians makes Spindash 3 our largest remix album yet. The diverse collection of styles and genres are sure to have something for every Sonic fan. Enjoy Spindash 3, grab a copy here! Tracklist 01. Bitonal Landscape - Green Hill Zone (From "Sonic the Hedgehog") [VIP Mix] 02. Dj CUTMAN - Mystic Cave (From "Sonic 2") 03. A_Rival - Metallic Madness (From "Sonic Mania") [VIP Mix] 04. Qumu - Escape From The City (From "Sonic Adventure 2") 05. RoBKTA - Friends (Future Funk Mix) 06. Faseeh - Marble Garden (From "Sonic 3") 07. Ben Briggs - Studiopolis (From "Sonic Mania") 08. Joshua Morse - Marble Zone (From "Sonic The Hedgehog") 09. Tudd & General Offensive ft. Zachary Fraiser - Space Port (From "Sonic Forces") 10. Funk Fiction - Press Garden (From "Sonic Mania") 11. GlitchxCity - Hot Crater (From