Sammus + Dj CUTMAN | Nerdcore Instrumentals 2 | GameChops | Video Game Remixes
It's the second collaborative album of beats from Sammus and Dj CUTMAN. Re-worked and remastered versions of the instrumental tracks from Sammus' nerdcore Metroid album, ANOTHER M, available on iTunes. A note from Dj CUTMAN: An instrumental mix can be so much more than just a track without vocals. With this volume of Nerdcore Instrumentals, I wanted to re-create the atmosphere of Metroid with each track. To create an immersive and full-sounding experience, I utilized an army of audio processors and created a unique soundscape for each beat. I hope it makes a suitable soundtrack for deep cavern exploration and alien extermination. Tracklist 1. Cybernetic Armor (Instrumental Mix) 03:09 2. Mae Jemison (Instrumental Mix) 03:09 3. Brinstar (Instrumental Mix) 03:47 4. Power-Ups (Instrumental Mix) 04:04 5. Crown (Instrumental Mix) 04:44 6. Smash Bruhs (Instrumental Mix) 03:20 7. Beat The Game (Instrumental Mix) 04:04 Album Credits Original Productions by Sammus Re-Mastered by Dj CUTMAN