Halloween | GameChops | Video Game Remixes
An 8 track album of spooky dance music remixes by the likes of Grimecraft, James Landino, A_Rival and more. The EP features remixes of Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy that have not been previously released. This 8 track albums features some hard and dark video game remixes from GameChops producers. A great playlist for a Halloween party ora shadowy DJ set. Tracklist A_Rival - Juri (Street Fighter) CG5 - Watch Your Six (Five Nights at Freddy's) Arcien - The Moon (Ducktales) Cement City - Tetris Chjolo - Tonberry Takeout (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) James Landino - Lavender Town (Pokemon) Mykah - Out of Time (Castlevania) Grimecraft - One Wing Angel Download Download GameChops Halloween on iTunes Download GameChops Halloween on Google Play Download GameChops Halloween on Amazon