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Chozo Legacy is a progressive house journey through the sounds made famous by Nintendo's hit game Super Metroid. Considered by some to be the greatest video game ever made, Super Metroid set a new standard for exploration and adventure games in its time. Chozo Legacy's producer, bLiNd, has been making electronic music for nearly two decades. His original Super Metroid remix, Jade Catacombs, appeared on the game music website OverClocked Remix in 2008. To this day, it is considered the prime example of video game trance music. Chozo Legacy's single, Kindred, features award-winning singer Jillian Aversa, who has appeared on major game franchises including Halo, God of War, Soul Calibur, and Civilization. Chozo Legacy is split into two parts. 6 licensed Super Metroid remixes available for purchase, and 4 free fan-arrangements on Bandcamp. Complete Chozo Legacy by downloading both releases, and assemble with the track order on this page. You can also stream the album in full via YouTube.