Spring Classic – Saturday, April 30th
So summer competition season rolled round and with it came the Galway City Gym team – surprisingly fresh after a long & arduous few months of prep. Of course, for a lot of our members this is a momentous occasion every year as it marks the first of many competitions to be entered over the summer months. But as always, of course we had new blood taking to the stage and setting it alight! This year – the setting was The Hub Centre, Kilkenny – a relatively new venue for hosting events such as this. For most, the dream of stepping on stage begins a long time before it actually happens. Sometimes there is a perception that stepping on stage is a consequence of dieting for 12 weeks – but in reality, it is much, much more than that. A lot of our competitors this year had been gearing up towards this competition for months – and that means consistent training & dieting, incredible dedication and above all a winning mentality. This is why the #GCG team performed so well up there – this is the ethos of our gym, the Home of Champions! So kicking things off – we had Mark Stanford and Darragh O’Farrell in the First Timers Class of Bodybuilding. The result? The two guys took First and Second respectively. See the guys with their silverware below! So after an incredible start to the day – we were on then to Dawid Geler and the u90kg class. And who better to continue on the success? Galway City Gym were on a roll! See Dawid on the day below – it would be the first of multiple competitions for him this summer. Next – the girls were up, and after an amazing post-pregnancy transformation, Phoebe McVey took her class and added another trophy to the collection! And here she is on the day: Finally, the day was topped off when Monika Kotecka kicked off her competition season by taking second. And she wasn’t finished there either, with lots more competitions planned for her! Check out the photo below of her (right) on stage with her trophy. So once again – the R.I.B.B.F Spring Classic brought a smile to the faces of all our members as all our competing members found success. Truly one of the highlights of the year at the Galway City Gym, for everyone! And of course – let’s take this chance to applaud our members for the hard work they put in, competing isn’t for the faint-hearted. A blend of a positive attitude, determination and commitment are just a few of the ingredients need for success – and that’s without even mentioning the workload. We always have fond memories of each Spring Classic as it brings us into competition season – next stop, Mr Cork & the Diamond Cup!