Make The Joint Party With Your Ex A Success
I had my article from a danish newpaper translated for your inspiration. You can use my principles with any joint party you have to throw with your ex'. Here we go: The dreaded confirmation or birthday party with yours, mine and our children and all the exes need not be a source of quarrels and tears. The Fusion Family Coach Charlotte Egemar Kaaber gives tips for how the big party can be a success in spite of family relations. Kaaber wrote the book "The Fusion Family - How to succeed with your blended family" released in the U.S. in April 2011. Quarrels, tears, compromise, jealousy and grief are part of reality in many divorced families when the teenager has his/her confirmation. And if the parents have formed new families, it is even more difficult to succeed. But it can be done. - "It requires all adults around the child to consciously work on practicing inclusiveness, challenge the negative feelings towards the exes and his/her new family and decide that you will make an effort to