Should I Go Blonde And Marry Slash? | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
Oh, wait a minute. I am already married to him. Or to his look-alike anyway! Yesterday evening Sexy Hubby and I went to our traditional Carnival party, as announced in my "It Is Carnival Time Again" post. And as promised, there are photos... The party we go to takes place in the glass-roofed, inner courtyard of a museum. It is the perfect setting for such an event, with huge white walls allowing for coloured lights projections, big enough for a decent dance floor, numerous bistro tables and a collection of bars, with two cloakrooms and enough toilet facilities in a separate area. This was our third attendance and the same DJ duo was invited to perform again. Why change a winning formula? They are great at what they do, mixing well-known German Carnival songs with old and new hits that give you this urge of dancing. The atmosphere is always festive and pleasant, and it is fun to look at all the costumes, even if the majority does not stick to the chosen theme. This year, said theme was