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Article first published as Music Review: Europe - Bag Of Bones on Blogcritics. If I say to you, "Europe, not the continent, the band", you will probably answer me with, "The Final Countdown". And you will be right. This song still gets everybody on the dance floor today, but if that is all you know about this fantastic band, then it is a great shame. Europe started their adventure in 1979 in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Joey Tempest (vocalist), John Norum (guitarist), Peter Olsson (bassist) and Tony Reno (drummer) had chosen the name Force. They first breakthrough happened in 1982 when they won a rock talent contest in their native country, having changed their name to Europe shortly before. The prize was a record deal with Hot Records and the band released their first album, Europe, the following year. Wings of Tomorrow was their next offering in 1984 before they hit mega stardom with The Final Countdown in 1986. By then Olsson had left to be replaced by John Levén, keyboardist Mic