Embarrassing Outfits – 80's Party | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
What a theme! I had the perfect photo – which always gets Sexy Hubby into stitches - but sadly it has been used already to illustrate my "A Date With Bon Jovi" post. Instead I went not too far back in time, just five years. In 2007 I was still living in Switzerland and it was the year I organised a big 80's party in the village hall. I had been wanting to have one forever and decided not to delay it any longer. We all had a blast dancing to the songs we once loved, Simple Minds, Pet Shop Boys, Kim Wilde, U2 to name but a few, as well as a whole lot of one hit wonders! A truly brilliant evening, which ended in the small hours… I went dressed as Madonna. In her "Like A Virgin" days… And I might as well share the embarrassment and also post a photo featuring my sister and some of my friends! Actually, after browsing through the photos to pick these two, I now feel like throwing such a party again! You will find more embarrassing outfits stories here: Sticky Fingers.