Does Your Husband Like Shopping? | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
I am not a shopaholic but I do quite enjoy going clothes shopping. I find that the best expeditions are not when you are on a mission for something specific as you can then almost be sure that you will NOT come across the right outfit. No, I like browsing and letting myself get inspired. Now of course I have plenty of friends to go with and it is lovely when we have time for coffee and cake or lunch too, catching up on respective news. I also have two daughters, as you know, who are very enthusiastic about coming along, especially if the trip includes getting THEM something. However, the best person to go shopping with is… Sexy Hubby. He LOVES going into town and hitting the shops, and I do not think there has been a single holiday when we have come back empty handed. Our latest trip to Barcelona was heavenly in all aspects, including shopping. My favourite brand, Desigual, happens to be Spanish and they have of course a flagship store in the city. They also have loads of other