April – The Beginning Of The Asparagus Season! | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
Believe it or not, asparagus are an institution in the region where we live. As soon as April makes its appearance people have this expectant look on their faces, waiting with bated breath for their favourite selling spot to open. And I can tell you that the competition is fierce. Forget supermarkets, farms and market stalls are the places you go to, and many of them offer premium service. You then go home with your kilo or two of white veggies already peeled, which I have to say is rather nice. On April 3rd we had our annual "Spargellauf" in the nearby town, a competition where you run 5 or 10 km. I was going to join in, convinced it would be around mid-May thus giving me time to train, but had to decline as by then I had only gone running twice. I fully intend to register next year, though, especially as my sport club sponsors it and it would be fun to run with the ladies I see there regularly. Coming up this weekend is "Spargelsamstag", still in our neighbouring town. The day will