A Life Filled With Music And Dance | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
I really wanted to write a new post today but was hesitating on the subject. I picked up my iPhone to idly look through my calendar, scanning all the activities we have had recently – and being the end of the school year believe me we have NOT been bored, not that we ever are, but you catch my drift – and suddenly it hit me: music and dance really play a big part in our lives. First of all, Sexy Hubby plays the guitar, First Daughter used to play the violin but now, she and her sister both play the piano. Once upon a time I played the piano too and now of course deeply regret that I did not persevere. However it is never too late and who knows, I might take it up again one day, that is more seriously than just occasionally playing with Second Daughter. Sexy Hubby used to play in a band when he was younger and may well do this again, although sadly at the moment the time he can devote to this passion is not enough. Perhaps one day I will be a successful author and he can then