A Date With Bon Jovi | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
Granted, I will not be the only one there. But I am so looking forward to seeing Bon Jovi live as part of their Circle Open Air Tour tomorrow. Golden Circle tickets were bought on the day they went on sale last November by my wonderful Sexy Hubby as I was travelling at the time. Why I am mentioning this for a Flashback Friday post? Because the band and I go way back. To my teenage years, to be precise. I have already mentioned Bon Jovi in my "A Life Filled With Music And Dance" and "The Bon Jovi Dreams" posts. To say that I am a little bit obsessed is probably an understatement, I have so many fantastic memories with their music. This is a photo of myself when I was about seventeen. I used to go out dancing with friends a lot and this was one of my outfits… My best friend had the same, and as mentioned before, we had developed an absolutely marvellous choreography on "Livin' On A Prayer". I am planning a big birthday party in September and it is entirely possible that we will be