24 Hours | Let's Have Fun! | | Funky Wellies Random Thoughts
It is a gorgeous, hot, sunny day out there… I know, hard to imagine, but do try! While Sexy Hubby and I are considering entertainment options, First Daughter and Second Daughter are practicing their guitar riffs and hair moves. Any rock bands out there looking for new additions? We first make our way to the gardens of the castle. Such a beautiful place, we are always happy to go back. We come across some adorable and interesting sights… The walk in the sun has made us tired and thirsty, so we vote unanimously for a café break! We sip our nice, cold drinks, sitting in comfortable chairs and observing our surroundings… or comparing shoes! This is such a lovely day that we decide to be spontaneous and go for a boat ride! We thoroughly enjoy this hour on the river, and the gentle breeze caressing our faces combined to the purring of the engine almost send us to sleep… The evening is upon us already… Time for the girls to enjoy a quiet evening in, and for us to go out and party! We