Trip Report: Post-Work Microadventures by Stio on Exposure
As humans, we all have basic needs that must be met in order to survive from day to day. Beyond these needs, we begin to develop and dream up additional requirements that we crave in order to feel soul satisfaction. When the days grow shorter during the winter months, the motivation to get outside and play after the work day begins to wane; that is, until your adventurous spirit’s needs come knocking on the door. So answer you must. For me, taking microadventures is a surefire way of fulfilling my weekly dose of adventure. With some additional motivation, a bit of creativity when planning, and a hefty serving or two of coffee, anything is possible. Where are you heading? Loveland Basin, Colo.Drive distance from Golden to Loveland: 44mi / 1hrTop elevation of skin track route “A”: 12,050 ft.Post work vertical gain: 1,250 ft.Reported snow total in past 48 hours: 23”Current conditions: Packed Powder with some side stashesTrails to descend: Bennett’s Bowl to Firecut to Tango rd.Who’s along for the trek?Eric Hockman, Warranty and Tech guru at Feedback Sports, Golden, CODonna Miller, my better half - Pre-K thru 8 Art Teacher at Denver Green School, Denver, CO