A New Shelving Concept (or shelves as they used to be called) | @Craft_Coffee
Craft Coffee, one of my favorite shops in London wanted to expand their retail area with a bit more product. Not wanting to fall into the trap of the cliché of scaff boards and steel conduit, I came up with this simple and adaptable design. A little sketching and a bit of fiddling in C4D I came up with the idea of using ratchet straps to pull the shelves into the wall, and a bracket that doubles as a shelf bracket and strap pulley at the same time. I got to weld up the brackets thanks to Adam Lawrence at One Little Girl And A Can Of Gas who rented me a bench and mig welder. Not done any welding since 1996 when I worked at Spax so that was nice. I still need to go back and tidy up the joins and set it all a touch straighter, but for this moment, it's done. Show some social love:TwitterFacebookGoogleLinkedInTumblr