My Own Lil' Privacy Crusade – Facebook Accidents Waiting To Happen |
I have addressed my privacy concerns in the past, but every time I do that I am very careful not too come off as too strict or paranoid. Today I have witnessed how things people do in the virtual world can come back and bite them in the ass in the real world. Although it would have made a great teaching case, I will not be able to go into any details since it happened to people I care about. Facebook is an amazing tool, and its privacy settings are excellent as they allows you to define exactly who sees what. You spend so much time on Facebook, is it too much to ask that you invest 10 minutes just one time to insure it does not ruin your life? I honestly don't get it. Is it idiocy? Is it technophobia? Why insist on learning a lesson that so many others have learned before you? Examples? Well, since I cannot go into that recent major one, let's discuss other acquaintances of mine: [singlepic id=232 w=200 h=200][singlepic id=233 w=300 h=200] Left: An acquaintance of mine who thought