The Craziest F@#king Thing I've Ever Seen (Okay, This Week) |
I am having a philosophical discussion with a friend about what is and what isn't worth writing about. Although I publish a comprehensive article now and then, I do not find it necessary to express my opinion every time and on every issue. I contend that in this day and age, pointing to things is service in itself - especially nowadays when things move so fast, and you need them to accumulate and percolate before you can be articulate. I just watched this new video by Israeli singer Lior Narkis and all I can do is point to it and say: Hey people, watch this! You don't need to know Hebrew or even like this kind of music in order to fathom the ideas expressed in it. As far as I know this is not a spoof, but the official video for Narkis' song Metuka (sweetie). If every scale needs to be calibrated, I assume this is an unintentional calibration of the misogyny scale (Damnit, I let my initial reaction slip...) httpv://