Photographer Cindy Sherman's Muse Appears in Jerusalem |
After two gruelling days working an assembly line like photography studio, I have found renewed faith in the photography of children. Trying to avoid kitsch as much as possible, I worried our cooperation with Jerusalem's Train Theatre might prove to be void of artistic merit, but boy was I wrong. Yes, many of the photos were nothing more than Jewish kids in Purim costumes smiling for mommy - but from time to time, when not pressed to fake-smile, something much deeper and profound emerged. Following is the photo I liked most out of these two days of work. My friend Guy hinted that I might like this photo because on a subconscious level it reminds me of photographer Cindy Sherman's work. What do you think? [singlepic id=158 w=525 h=350 float=center]Hagigit - Purim Spiel Still #9313 - 2009 [singlepic id=162 w=525 h=418 float=center]Cindy Sherman - Untitled Film Still #21 - 1978