Do Israeli Newsmen Wear Boxers or Briefs? |
Since TV news reporters are usually shot from the waist up, viewers toy with the idea that except for the expensive jacket, their favorite anchorman could be wearing his underwear and a pair of slippers. I felt this subject cannot be ignored any longer and investigated the subject. Here is what I have found: Test case #1 Amir Bar-Shalom, chief military correspondent for Israel's Channel 1 news, delivered his report live from the field this evening. Channel 1's devoted viewers saw a respectable attire: a long sleeve shirt, sleeves tszujed a bit due to the hot weather - all in all, a respectable journalist. As Bar-Shalom went off the air, Channel 10's camera caught him (above, right) on his way to the air-conditioned broadcasting van. Channel 10's devoted viewers saw a slacker: three quarter pants with a shirt untucked, and a pair of flip-flops - all in all, a guy on vacation. Test case #2 Baruch Kra, legal affairs correspondent for Israel's Channel 10 news on the other hand, likes to