What I Hate About American Political Correctness |
PC is great! I really love it! Replacing pejorative terms with neutral ones makes a lot of sense and I even think it takes quite a bit of courage. Just this week, the hearing impaired parents of a fallen Israeli soldier were called deaf-mutes by the Israeli media, even by TV channels that featured interviews in which the so-called mute father spoke coherently about his loss. What I hate about American Political Correctness is the notion that anything bad one might say can be taken back by an apology. Made a catastrophic faux pas? No worries! As long as you are on US soil you can just apologize and move on. Forgiveness is automatic. Recently, Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern gave a speech in which she expressed her anti-gay beliefs. After the speech was secretly recorded and made public, The Cimarron Alliance, a local LGBT group asked Speaker of the House that she be censured if she does not apologize. I completely understand the request for a censure, but what use would an