If You Change Your Logo, They Will Come |
Channel 10 is the youngest of Israel's three broadcast channels. Established January 28th, 2002, it is just over 6 years old and still struggling to snatch viewers from the leading Channel 2. [singlepic id=28 w=300 h=600 float=right]Over the years I have noticed Channel 10 is much too absorbed in finding a magic logo, a magic tagline, a magic bullet to make it grab the big ratings, believing that in substance versus style, the latter wins. The logo in the corner of my television screen kept changing, or in Madison Avenue Newspeak: evolving. Disregarding the use of different colors, on and off shadows and the odd use of 3D, I counted four principle logos in 6 years – that's one logo makeover every two years! Except for the logos changing, note that in 2005 the channel changed its name from 'Channel 10' to 'Israel 10' – and back to 'Channel 10' in 2006. In addition, Channel 10 had used five different ad agencies over the years, which translates to the advertising budget changing hands