Don't Destroy Your Scratched CDs Just Yet |
Most of us backup our movies and data on CDs and DVDs, although we are painfully aware this media is not very reliable – it's just that it is so very cheap. The trouble is that just when you have to restore a certain file from the CD, crummy Windows informs you of a 'Data error (cyclic redundancy check)'. A great freeware that helps this situation have recently come to my attention, it is called JFileRecovery and it is just amazing. By default Windows designates a certain amount of time to read sectors off media. When there is a superficial scratch, which slows the reading, Windows often just gives up and refuses to copy the file, just like a five year old child with an 'all or nothing' approach. The thing is, most of the times all that is needed is a bit more patience - and other times, especially when restoring a movie, the user is okay with missing some thirty seconds of a two hour film. This is what JFileRecovery basically does, it quickly copies the entire file, and if it