Top Ten Most Offensive Israeli Ads |
Over the years, the Israeli ad agencies seem less and less connected to the human experience and more and more willing to use anything to sell everything. In this list I attempt to countdown the most offensive advertisements created in Israel in recent years, in the hope of using shame as an incentive to be more creative. 2005 - Yes Satellite TV Ad - McCann Erickson httpv:// With millions of Vietnamese dead and 60,000 Americans dead, this ad counts on its viewers inability to feel any empathy to casualties of a war that is not their own. 2002 - Yes Satellite TV Ad - McCann-Kesher-Barel httpv:// With more than 1500 people who drowned in one of the worst maritime disasters, the creative genius of Israel's leading advertising agency adds insult to injury and in an impressive juglling act puts the wheel of the liner in a woman's hands. Continues here.