Alchohol- An assassin to mood and mental wellbeing | Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy
As a Therapist, I am increasingly meeting clients that are struggling to moderate the amount of alcohol they are drinking. And I don't just mean at the weekends or special occasions! For greater numbers of people, having that 'odd glass of wine' during the week is getting out of hand and many are worrying about the amount of alcohol they consume- as a treat, as a reward and also as a coping strategy. In fact alcohol is such a major part of modern society and how we socialise, that it isn't surprising hear more and more people (increasingly women) concerned about their tendency to reach for that 'well–earned' drink. The impact alcohol consumption can have on our health is well understood: It has been linked with higher rates of seven types of cancer It impacts the heart- causing it to enlarge and has been linked with heart disease It can increase the chance of Diabetes Can play a role in increasing blood pressure Affects the immune system- causing us to pick up and stay ill from