Why daydreaming could be good for your mental health | Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy
'Stop daydreaming' we've all heard those words from one time to another but now, there is evidence to suggest that daydreaming can actually be good for your mental state and that it has interesting parallels to the state of deep hypnotic trance. Our understanding of brain waves has come a long way since the invention of the EEG (Electroencephalograph) by Hans Berger in 1924. Brain waves are electrical pulses that fire between our millions of brain cells or 'neurons', communicating endlessly across different regions of our brain. These brain waves change as we vary our tasks and activities throughout the day. Over any 24 hour period our brain cycles through gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta states as the electrical activity across our neurons varies in frequency and altitude. When we are relaxing, we are typically in an alpha brain wave state. The onset of the hypnotic state is also characterised by alpha brain wave patterns. Daydreaming and deeper levels of hypnotic trance are