Where is our willpower? Two ways we sabotage our own resolutions. | Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy
Setting a new year's resolutions is hugely common. A recent YouGov poll found the most common are 1. Eating better 2. Exercising more and 3. Spending less money. During the course of this year we may set ourselves additional goals as we work towards holidays or significant life events. However, it seems January 17th is D-Day for resolutions. A vulnerable day that many people give up on good intentions and slide back into old habits. In fact Strava, the social fitness app for running and cycling, analysed data and found this to be the date when we are most likely to bail out on fitness resolutions. But why is it sometimes so hard to stay on track with our best intentions and find ourselves slipping towards old ways even though we know we will feel fitter, happier, healthier, wealthier etc if we don't? Imagine the analogy of an adult and child. The child wants its treats immediately- its' new toys, magazines, sweets etc. It can't wait. Waiting feels uncomfortable and boring. The child