About Hypnotherapy | Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy involves the induction of a very relaxed state of mind to help people overcome a variety of emotional, nervous and psychological problems that affect their daily lives. It can also allow people to realise larger goals- in sport, their professional life or their personal studies. "I love to loose myself in a book, or to my piano. I feel I have escaped to another world and my worries and concerns have drifted away for a short while" Perhaps you know that feeling. Or perhaps you lose yourself in a film or daydream whilst driving. These are examples of deep concentration, or focussed thought and are all examples of the waking trance state. A perfectly natural state of consciousness that we inevitably fall in and out of throughout the day. How it Works During hypnotherapy a trance is created using relaxation and visualisation techniques. In this relaxed but focused state, the subconscious and conscious regions of our brain work in harmony to focus more clearly on a particular