10 HUGE reasons to get a handle on stress & how to do it | Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy
Most of us have experienced stress at some point in our lives. Stress can be uncomfortable but is a very normal reaction to life's demands. Stress is a powerful way of mobilising ourselves to work quickly and effectively in time of challenge, giving us energy and drive to act. That feeling of being overwhelmed, irritable or worried is the brain's way of communicating to us that 'something is not right and needs to be put right quickly'. But chronic stress, stress which is prolonged and severe, can be very harmful both physically and psychologically. Here are just 10 examples of how it affects the body: 1. Can speed up the development of cancer 2. Increases our vulnerability to infection 3. Exacerbates plaque formation in the arteries increasing the risk of blood clots and heart attacks 4. Can accelerate the onset of diabetes 5. Can lead to ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract 6. Can damage the Hippocampus in the brain and impair memory 7. Wounds take longer to heal as does