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Photo Caption: #iPhoneography #‎Withoutfilters : So many people there! I ask myself how should be, now, with the raining? Nicer? Emptier? Missing you, people! #Shedagon #Pagoda #Yangon #Iphoneonly #NoFilters View in Instagram ⇒ Si voleu seguir les novetats dels blogs de Missatge Rebut, Podeu clicar al "m'agrada" de la pàgina del facebook! :) If you want follow the news from my blogs, you can "like" my facebook page! :) Si voleu, podeu compartir-la en algun del llocs que hi ha aquí sota ↓ , clicar al Like o deixar un comentari. S'accepten critiques! :) Intento aprendre!You can share it in any of the sites below ↓ . Or you can click the like button or leave a comment. Any advise or comments are welcome. I'm trying to learn!