Feeding the masses | For Your Tabletop
Hosting a crowd? First of all, good for you! You have stepped up to the plate (I'm sorry, the puns just happen; they are truly out of my control...) and have committed to providing an experience for friends and family. And after all, who are we, if not collectors of experiences? So now comes the hard part: paper plates or rentals? And really, there is no wrong here, just different. We all know from paper (and now of course, the ubiquitous plastic, as well) but there is also an alternative to the rental white or glass plates: a company in Los Angeles called Small Masterpiece and its founder/owner Jason Murakawa who has done the almost impossible. He has amassed a huge inventory of antique china and porcelain fit for a king or queen (...if the crown fits, wear it!) and they're for rent. My friend, John, had torn a profile of Jason and Small Masterpiece out of the June issue of Los Angeles Magazine thinking I would be interested. He was right. It's a brilliant idea and no doubt has taken