Open a Real Forex Account |
US FOREX TRADERS: A live forex trading account is required to be opened if the investor is wanting to trade with real money. Normally a forex account is able to be opened within a few minutes following the simple steps below. 1. Select the forex broker you would like to trade with. 2. Choose the account type you would like to trade on. 3. Complete the online registration and submit the KYC (passport and utility bill). 4. Check your email, login and activate the account. Now you are ready to deposit funds and trade. Selecting the Forex Broker Choosing the best forex broker is a very important initial step towards trading success. The focal point of is helping traders find the right brokerage for achieving their goals. Please read our guide: A Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Forex Broker. We recommend reading this guide when choosing a forex broker. Please also note that every broker on has been tested and is recommended. New