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The growth of online trading has fueled the foreign exchange market over the past decade to an average daily traded volume of over $4 trillion; the largest financial market in the world. Forex has no central marketplace requiring traders to work through a broker in order to place trades. The only problem is choosing which broker to open an account with. There are thousands of forex brokerages on the internet with new ones opening every day. Along with the ever-expanding number of brokerages; are even more forex review websites. They feature "reviews" and "ratings" for each broker and claim to be unbiased. On one review website you will read that a certain forex brokerage is the best and on another review website you will read that the same brokerage doesn't payout funds to the trader. (, unlike other review websites, does not list hundreds of forex and binary brokerages but only a select few (the best) that have been thoroughly vetted by a member(s) of our staff.)