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Under the Cuban Sun Exhibition Dates: September 22 - December 31, 2017 Foreword Excerpt | By Madeline P. Plonsker / Author of "The Light in Cuban Eyes" uba lies a tantalizing ninety miles off our southern shores. It is an island that has historically been both our friend and our enemy. Nevertheless, it has always hosted a most fascinating sky, which with changing weather conditions, allows the most perfect balance of light and shadow that has forever attracted both native and foreign born photographers. Throckmorton Fine Arts's exquisite show, "Under the Cuban Sun" dramatically and intelligently helps us to draw the same conclusion: there is something about the quality of Cuban light that is different from any other Caribbean island's offering. The brightness it produces is almost blinding. The shadow it creates is infinitely consuming. We look and are forced to look again. And that is what creates the drama of the photographs included in this carefully curated presentation. The