2017 Members Show | | FMoPA | Florida Museum of Photographic Arts | Tampa, Florida
2017 Members Show Exhibition Dates: August 25 - October 13, 2017 Every year, FMoPA hosts a Call for Entries to our membership in order to showcase the talented members that support our museum. This year was the largest Members Show to date with 116 entries hanging in the Community Gallery. Thank you to all who submitted this year and we look forward to exhibiting your work! Congratulations to the 2017 Members Show winners: Travel First Place: Christa Moody, Plaza Mayor (pictured above) Second Place: Lora Grant, Fog Rolling In Third Place: Michael Eisbacher, Fire Lake Forms and Figures First Place: Gary Nichols, M. Northern Illinois Second Place: Jim Miller, Dancing with the Devil Third Place: Carl Zielonka, Attitude: Cuban Farmer Fashion First Place: Brian James, Sometimes Saying Nothing Says it All Second Place: Jonathan Wolding, Hairflip Third Place: Charles Mason, Polly Magoo Design First Place: Phil Turk, Ode to Jerry Second Place: Brandy Eiger, Pink Bucket Third Place: