Key Largo Fishing | Key West Fishing
Key Largo Fishing Key Largo is one of the northern most keys and closest to the mainland and Miami. The fishing in Key Largo is good if you want to fish the Reef, the Gulf Stream or the Everglades, but Florida bay is a bit of a run to get to. Key Largo is the home to the Elbow Reef which is a reef at the tip of the barrier reef. It is usually where the gulf stream passes closest to land. Key Largo has several good wrecks and deep reef spots to fish, such as the Northern Lights Wreck and Watson's Reef. There are also some great patch reefs located close to shore such as Basin Hill Shoals and Mosquito Bank. Carysfort Reef The water is exceptionally clear due to proximity to the Gulf Stream, and there are several large Flats in Key Largo that are excellent fishing for bonefish and Permit. Key Largo also has immediate access to the Everglades, and there are miles and miles of shallow bays and mangrove channels to fish. It is also home to Jewfish Creek a great night fishing spot. Depending