Florida Keys Monroe County Wreck and Reef GPS | Key West Fishing
Florida Keys Monroe County Wreck and Reef GPS This s public list of coordinates taken from the , they are public numbers so reprinting them shouldn't be a problem NOTE: The Artificial Reefs database is sorted by DEPLOYMENT DATE, if available. The DEPTH field is the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area, while RELIEF is the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet, if available. The GPS (Global Positioning System), DGPS (Differential GPS), LOR (Loran C) or UK (unknown) entries in the GPS field indicates which format the original coordinates were obtained (if known). The other set of coordinates was mathematically calculated and is probably not as accurate as the original set. If UNKNOWN (UK) is listed then the LORAN is probably the more accurate set of coordinates. In the MATERIALS field, a (W) indicates a shipwreck, (BAY) indicates an inshore reef within a bay, (TM) means Trade Mark and a # symbol, followed by a number, indicates