Florida Keys Reef and Wreck Fishing | Key West Fishing
Florida Keys Reef and Wreck Fishing If you want lots of action, a variety of fish, in a variety of sizes and meat for the table, then reef and wreck fishing is for you. Personally it is my favorite type of fishing, I love bottom fishing and depending on the depth of water you you often have a shot at many different pelagics species also. Anchor up on a deep reef or wreck and you never know what type of fish you could catch, everything from grunts to sailfish and wahoo. Really the key to this fishing is the spots, finding the spots and anchoring up and lining the boat up right. Some extra time dropping and re-dropping the anchor, is worth the effort, since you have to make sure you are either up current or right over the structure holding fish. As someone visiting the Keys and maybe fishing from a rental boat you may have to rely on published GPS coordinates to find spots, because it can take quite a bit time drifting around to run into the good spots but those are best ones, the ones