Florida Keys Bridge Fishing | Key West Fishing
Florida Keys Bridge Fishing Guide for Tourists Probably the cheapest way to fish in the Florida Keys is from one of the many bridges. All along the keys on Highway One there are bridges, most of which are closed to traffic where one can fish. They are mostly part of the old Highway One , although there are some other small bridges off of Highway One from which fishing is allowed. To be honest most bridge fishing trips will not compare to a trip to the reef or many other places in a boat. It's not that the bridges don't have tons of fish around them, they do, it's just that everywhere that's accessible for free gets lots of traffic and angling pressure. So you have to work harder. Fish commonly caught from the bridges include snapper, grouper, barracuda, grunts and pretty much at one time or another every other fish in the area. The bridges create breaks in the massive current that runs between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay/ Gulf of Mexico. Around the base of many of the the old