Gay Rights in Miami | Flashback Miami
The issue of gay rights grew into a national story in Miami on Jan. 18,1977 when a throng of conservatives — led by entertainer and Florida orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant — packed Miami-Dade County's commission chambers to protest the potential passage of a gay rights ordinance. As a heated debate took place inside the downtown chambers, temperatures outside dropped to a record low. Commissioners passed the ordinance by a 5-3 margin. As the sun rose the following morning, Miamians awakened to snowflakes — the first and only time snow fell upon the city. Miami-Dade became the first major urban area in the country to pass legislation protecting gays. Bryant vowed to lead a repeal to the ordinance- and succeeded. It took more than 20 years for Miami-Dade to revive and pass the law. Buy any of these photos in the Herald store Buy any of these photos in the Herald store Want to know more? Watch The Day it Snowed in Miami, an Emmy-winning documentary that traces the