F2O LitStyle | .02 Cents. Review of Ariel Francisco’s All My Heroes are Broke. by Cody Stetzel | Book Review
Home Depot has always been a difficult spot for me; I’ve always been more of a Lowe’s guy, but that might be more regional. Even then, I’ve never really had the home or the money to really purchase anything at those home improvement stores—most of my trips there were to purchase a plant or another for my mom’s birthday. Imagine if they could just all be gone, though. In Ariel Francisco’s dream world, I think they’ve all been burnt down. By him (allegedly), to make a statement: that the only people who spend money in home improvement stores are people who have homes and extra money, that the people who work and sell things at home improvement stores are fed-up with the thankless bullshit they put up with, and that, mostly, there is a definite beauty in the destroying of boundaries and the relinquishing of limits as worlds merge together over the gratifying blaze.
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