As I board the plane for France... - Finding Nkem
As my last few hours in the U.S. come to a close, I reflect on this summer and look forward to my time in France. This is going to be my first time in Europe and I feel something I've never felt when embarking on a new journey: I feel nervous. On the ride here, my stomach was twisting and turning the way it does right before I speak in front of a big crowd. But similar to public speaking, one I was in the throws of it, my body resigned to a stealy resolve: this is already happening and its too late to turn around. My nervousness was also quelmed a bit when my bags passed the weight inspection...not because they were underweight but because the ticketing lady was super nice! I now owe her some nice French chocolates. As my first official travel related post, here is a recap of what I'm doing and some of my goals for these next 7 months - if I tell you all, then I'm more likely to do it!!