All Things Ankara Fashion Week - Finding Nkem
On Saturday July 25th, my older brother, Mayowa, and I went to the All Things Ankara Fashion Show in Silver Spring, MD. For those who don't know, ankara is a type of fabric that is really popular throughout Africa and particularly West Africa. It's known by other names such as Dutch wax print, but ankara is definitely what Nigerians call it. Since ankara has become so famous on the international fashion scene in recent years, some people might just know it as African print. So back to the show. A friend of my brother's had press passes to cover the event, and he wasn't able to make it so he passed the press pass on to us. Mayowa is really involved in the media and fashion scene around D.C. (you can check out his amazing work here) and you all know I'm into anything Africa so we were both excited to go. It was a full day's event that included a market place, a fashion show and the launch of LOFA magazine after party. The event was at The Fillmore and they did a great job of fully utilizing that space. It was a fun event that did a great job of showcasing some of the talent in the DMV as far as African fashion goes - and they sprinkled in performances as well. There was a lot going on sha, and I congratulate the organizers for putting it all together. It really reminded me of an African Night. Those of you who are familiar with African Student Associations will know that a lot of schools' African societies usually put on an African Night that showcases various aspects of African culture. Often times it’s the organization's biggest event of the year. They usually include a fashion show, performances, music, dance and an after party. And lots of gorgeously dressed attendees. The All Things Ankara Fashion Show was very much like that.