Every once in a while a picture or a performance comes along that seems to possess a bit of movie magic. Usually it is through a combination of things; an above average screenplay boasting memorable one-liners, a particularly charismatic star in just the right setting to suit his or her most appealing characteristics and, more often than not, a musical score that is perfect for the story and/or its setting. I thought it might be of interest to jog memories by looking at the performances I have personally enjoyed over and over in films that I regularly return to whenever I need a nostalgia fix. I should stress here and now that my taste is not that of a connoisseur or an ‘expert’. Never has been (as several self-professed ‘experts’ have been quick to point out on this very site), but I know which movies and storylines appeal to me and which do not. Therefore, you will find very few ‘kitchen sink dramas’ here; those depressing ‘real-life domestic squabbles that were all the rage in the seventies and eighties. I like romantic comedies, westerns, war pictures, musicals, sci-fi, historical re-enactments and the occasional film noir. I think horror movies [...]