MOVIE TRIVIA - PT39. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
John Wayne accepts Gary Cooper’s Oscar for High Noon John Wayne and Ward Bond, two staunch supporters of the Senator McCarthy witch-hunts of the late forties and early fifties, were incensed over Carl Foreman’s screenplay for High Noon (1952), which they knew was a thinly disguised allegory for the HUAC persecutions. Both actors actually ordered Gary Cooper to turn down the leading role but he refused to do so, warning him that the HUAC were about to blacklist Foreman. Wayne especially hated the picture yet, surprisingly, accepted the Best Actor Oscar on Cooper’s behalf at the Academy Awards. Fifty year-old Coops was very ill with an ulcer during filming, but still managed a hot affair with 21 year-old Grace Kelly over the duration of the shoot. Lt-Col John ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill One of the expert archers shooting arrows from the walls of Warwick Castle in the 1952 feature Ivanhoe, was the legendary John ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill (no relation to Winston), a former British soldier who forged for himself a unique niche in military history. During World War Two Lt-Colonel Churchill went into battle equipped with a claymore sword, [...]